Azure Virtual Machine

What is Azure VM?

Computers’ main job is computing! The major load of computing in the Cloud is on IaaS other than PaaS. The core workers are Virtual Machines.

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Virtual network 
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Physical SSD 
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Perquisites for Azure VM

For having a VM in Azure we need Resource Group, VNet, Subnet, and NSG for accessing the VM from Internet

In a greenfield environment, You can create all the above perquisites during VM creation a.k.a as deployment.

Questions to ask yourself before creating a VM

  • The primary decision for having a simple deployment would be which region?
  • Which SKU (Size) is best for us? What image (OS)?
  • Can you use your Windows License?
  • Do you need special availability like Availability Set and Availability Zone?
  • Can we use Azure Spot?
  • Which protocol and ports need to be initially published on the internet?
  • Do you need a fast SSD Disk or typical HDD is enough?
  • Do we need Data Disk?
  • Do we need Accelerated Networking?
  • Should we use a storage account to save boot diagnostic?
  • Should we keep OS guest diagnostic?
  • Do we need Backup?
  • Do we need a Dedicated host?
  • Do we need to use the proximity placement group?
  • Gen 1 or Gen 2?
  • For Linux VM, should we use a password or SSH key and how to generate one?
  • What extensions are available?
  • Should we start using Reserved Instances?

We will try to find answers to the mentioned questions. Sometimes it would be a matter of knowing the concept or maybe a practical conversation. Ther e is a chance we might deep dive into limitation or dependency between moving pieces.

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